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Editors, recruiters and journalists are welcome to contact me by email (find me on TravMedia, Gorkana or LinkedIn) or by using the form below. 

FAQ: Can you review my dog-friendly business or client? 

If you are a PR with clients who have a dog-friendly offering, or you own a dog-friendly business yourself, and would like to work with me, please bear in mind that I do not do standalone reviews of dog-friendly accommodation or experiences. This is because the newspapers and magazines generally don't publish them, and there's a relatively low threshold for the amount of dog-friendly travel articles they will publish.

I am always happy to visit/stay at dog-friendly places with a view to including them in any future dog-friendly features I write where appropriate, but I can never guarantee coverage in the press. If you are happy to arrange a review on this basis, please do get in touch using the contact for below. 

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